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Review: Pete Murray and Davanon Frankenreiter

…or how the opener rocks the house. I don’t want to hurt any of his fan’s feelings but I am sorry. This was the one of the most boring performances I ever seen. Pete Murray was just plain …mellow …boring! And I am again sorry: I cannot understand all the little girls screaming as if he was a star (is he? C’mon!). Davanon Frankenreiter was the real main act that night. Actually he was also the reason why I went there. Well, admittingly his clothing style reminded a little on Haight Street, San Francisco …but hell – that dude knows how to make music. Sorry, Pete. I thought you could surprise me …in a good way. But obviously that did not happen.

  • deb
    I saw Donavan Frakenriter in Nashville TN ... USA...... He is soooooo good in concert... no matter where he is singing... I would like to see him make a big name... but keep his style.

    Deb Brothers
    Kentucky USA
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