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CocoaHeads Frankfurt, 04.08.08

Just a reminder. Monday we will have the second CocoaHeads Frankfurt at Club Voltaire. We are starting a little later at 8pm as requested. I am really excited about the one confirmed presentation. Stephan will be talking on how to use the Wii Remote from Cocoa. Just check out the videos on youtube.

We would still have slot for a second presentation. So if you have come across a cool framework lately or could give a quick intro to some of the Cocoa technologies. Please speak up. I think it would be great to have two short presentations per event.

CocoaHeads Frankfurt,
Monday, 04.08.2008 20:00 at Club Voltaire

To keep up-to-date with future meetings please join the group on upcoming and subscribe to the group feeds via iCal or RSS. Please be so kind and register if you are planing on attending.

  • Vincent
    Will come.
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