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CocoaHeads Frankfurt

There is no such event yet. But I think it would be great if there was. CocoaHeads is a monthly gathering of Cocoa enthusiasts. With presentations, tutorials and general discussion around Cocoa programming. There are meetings all over the world – just not in Germany. Actually not event in continental Europa.

If you would be interested in attending …please drop me a mail, a comment or whatever. If we can get more than 10 people interested I’ll step up and try to organize the event.

  • Stephan Michels
    Gibt es irgendwelche Neuigkeiten? Wäre auch interessiert zu kommen.
  • Hey Chris, das klingt super! Ich ruf da morgen mal an und geb dann mal bescheid.
  • Chris
    Also wenns in FFM ist, bin ich dabei.
    Der CCC FFM trifft sich soweit ich weiß immer im Club Voltaire - das kostet zwar Miete, aber nicht wirklich viel.

    Wenn nicht reicht zur Not auch ein(e) Cafe/Bar/Kneipe mit WLAN - da gibts ja genug.
  • Vincent
    Wann soll die Party denn jetzt steigen? ;)
  • It will also happen in Frankfurt ...just not this month yet :) I am still trying to find a good place.
  • It'll happen, tomorrow, only not in Frankfurt but in Aachen. See http://hci.rwth-aachen.de/coco...
  • Add me
  • Count me in

  • Vincent
    I'd definitely join you!
    (plus optionally some friend of mine)
  • Torsten, I would be interested to at least listen what you guys have to say ;-)

    Marcus, come and live here ;-)
  • Great idea mate, I would certainly be in if I was living in Frankfurt still!


  • Sure ...but first I need more people. 3 and counting :)
  • If you get enough interested people - would you mind populating upcoming with the event ?
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