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First CocoaHeads Frankfurt

I am happy to announce that the first CocoaHeads meeting was quite a success. 10 people showed up and a couple could not make it. So that means 10+ people – which is not bad at all. Also turns out that word of mouth didn’t reach everyone yet. Some people didn’t hear about it before the actual date. Glad they spontaneously just rocked up. The crowd was a mix ranging from java converts to NS programmers. Most prominent guest surly was Alex from the BigNerdRanch.

While the most important part was of course the social part, I also gave a quick introductionary talk about the FeedbackReporter framework. Why I wrote it – why and how you should use it. (The slides are not really useful without me talking so I did not put them online. Check out the screencast and the docs instead)

Club Voltaire was a good venue. I’ll try to book it again for next time. To make it easier to stay up-to-date with upcoming events I have a created a group at upcoming.org. Please join or just subscribe to one of the feeds:

As a curtesy to the host please indicate whether you are coming or not at the event page. I will try to get the next months meeting worked out this week. So we have a little head time.

Also – please don’t be shy. I am sure there is something you could talk about. A framework you find useful. Your latest findings from a project you have been working on. Not scheduled but promised are talks about XQuery and using the Wii controller from Cocoa. Exciting stuff! Looking forward to it.

  • I totally agree with Erik. It was a great event and I'm looking forward to the next cocoaHeads Frankfurt. Thank you again for organizing the meeting.
  • Erik
    Thank you Torsten for organizing this meeting! It was a nice evening at Club Voltaire (i didn't know this location before) and i will to be happy to attend the next CocoaHeads in Frankfurt!
    -- Erik
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