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Java File Links

Unfortunately dealing with links and permissions is not really easily possible in java. At least with the following code you can figure out whether you dealing with a link or not. A similar piece code has recently been contributed to the commons-io project. Found that really useful and worth sharing.

public static boolean isLink( final File file ) throws IOException {
        if (file == null || !file.exists()) {
                return false;

        return !file.getCanonicalFile().equals(file.getAbsoluteFile());

  • @Attila: Good catch! Thanks!
  • This doesn't seem right. This function will also return true for a non-symlink file, if at least one of the directories in its path is symlinked.

    This should work though:

    File canonicalDir = file.getParentFile().getCanonicalFile();
    File fileInCanonicalDir = new File(canonicalDir, file.getName());
    return fileInCanonicalDir.getCanonicalFile().equals(fileInCanonicalDir.getAbsoluteFile());

  • Steve Loughran
    ...something like this is marked as @since1.5 in the ant codebase. Its known to play up a bit on OS/X
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