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Jakarta Commons goes top level

With the last meeting the board has agreed to establish the Apache Commons project – again. The previous Commons project was a cross community effort from 2002 that never really took of. At least in the java world many people already referred to “Jakarta Commons” just as “Commons”. But not the sloppy-talk was the reason for going TLP. Jakarta Commons has over the years grown it’s own community. In many ways it is different than the projects I have been involved in so far. Its position inside Jakarta has let to a lot of discussions. The quest of finding its own identity has now been attributed with this move. But the charter hasn’t really changed

…the Apache Commons Project be and hereby is responsible for the creation and maintenance of Java focused reusable libraries and components…

So once the infrastructure part has been been finished we are still the same guys doing the same software …just at a different URL.

Oh, yeah …and I got appointed to be PMC chair :)

  • Yepp, but you can still just call me Torsten, mate ;-)
  • theGuru
    I guess this makes you President of the Apache House of Commons.
  • Congrats, Mr Vice-President ;-)
  • Congratulations Torsten! That's a very useful project with a lot of goodies we use everyday. Now, the good surprise is that Wicket graduated the same day as your nomination as Commons PMC.
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