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New beta release 0.7

Yesterday we did another closed beta release of “The Venice Project” client. So we are at version 0.7 now. At the moment I don’t have a windows system available for testing myself but from the number of commits I can say – a lot of bugs have been fixed. In order for this whole venture to succeed we really need to deliver a perfect user experience on top of this great platform. I hope we soon can get some feedback from a broader audience. For now we ask the current beta tester to let us know…

  • Whether you think the GUI is intuitive or not
  • What additional features you would find useful
  • How you like the video quality
  • What content you think is missing
  • And of course whether it just works for you

I am sure we will send out some more invites soon. So be quick and sign up as a beta tester.

  • George
    Please!!!! please please!!!! Send me an invite.

    I am cutting my cable service and i neeed this…If anyone can spare an invite I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

    email: invitemetoo @ gmail.com
  • charlie
    I'm in and I'm happy. :) Awesome stuff that will only get better!
  • Looking for a token. If anyone has a spare I would love to have it.
  • oldtimeunixguru
    Hi Torsten,
    Just came back from a stint with Ericsson on developing a content management and content delivery system for 3G capable mobile phones - which included live TV. From what I've seen on this $100+ million project, the so called visionaries are prehistoric and are all about keeping partnered vendors like Documentum and BEA (weblog) fat and happy at the expense of a positive user and content provider experience. The Venice Project will kick some serious butt.

    Mind you, there are some serious challenges with rendering to a mobile device (bandwith, supported codecs, and content classification to name but a few), but I think a key driver in this technology which Ericsson missed the point is making life easy for the content provider to submit and control live content. Also lacking and yearned for was the ability to mix in previews and trailers on the fly for any type of content format. I hope TVP addresses the latter as it matures.

    Good luck with TVP and keep up the good work.
  • Mick D
    Hi there,
    After reading all of the previous responses, it feels like you are being harrassed, but..... any spare tokens? (just 1 required).
    It appears to be a great project that you're working on so keep up the great work!
    Happy New Year!
  • Sorry, guys ...friends and family first. But if you registered I am sure it won't be long until you will receive the invite. We are gradually rolling out invites as the bandwidth and hardware setup permits. In order to support all the users that are interested we need the LUX datacenter to be up and running first. But that won't be long from today.
  • So will we be receiving tokens?
  • Matt
    This software looks very promising and I can not wait to give it a try. A token would be greatly appreciated.
  • CognitiveThinking
    I would also be grateful for a token, if one were available.
    I have spent hours setting up MCE, Media Portal, SageTV, and are still looking for the latest thing in TV. (I realise that the Venice project is not a "Tuner Card based solution", but still would be attractive to the same audience.)

    I am specifically interested in Geographically Targeting Advertising and how this may be utilised / integrated.

    Kind Regards
  • Hello Torsten,
    I know this might be a shot in the dark but I'm looking for a token as well... You guys seem to be doing what I can only dream about.
    I want to make a web channel full of nothing but surfing videos with the Surf Videographer/Film-Maker in mind.
    Please, check out my site and see if I'm worthy. And if you know any diehard surfers....
    Dean C. Smith
  • If you do have a token i spare, I youl verry happy to become a beta tester!

    Merry Christmas!
  • Sure I do have some tokens :)
  • The Venice Project just e.mailed me and stated "All new beta-testers now get tokens allowing them to invite friends and acquaintances..." Might you be one that can do so?


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