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Tool time in Stuttgart

Tool Tool – a band that has never been something for all the pop-minded people. A mixture of hard rock sounds, a composition of audio samples, extraordinary vocals and a rhythm beyond the usual 4/4 beat builds a wall of sounds which has nothing to compare. Progressive contrasts of anger and sensibility shape the picture of a band that has always wanted to be seen as art-ists. Perfectionists that usually never show. Rare interviews. No band members to be seen in their videos. Somehow dark and surreal they create a visual audio sensory theater. Too bad this band name is already taken – it would have been a perfect fit.

I have seen them before. In Fresno, California in 1996 and in Berlin a couple of years ago. Both times with quite good openers. “Melvins” and “Eagles of Death Metal” if I recall correctly. This time it was “Mastodon”. Well, let’s put it that way – enough time to join the queue for a beer.

Tool The show itself was slightly unexpected. No doubt about it – it was a great concert. But I don’t think they lived/played up to their standards. It was just not perfect. (No wonder – darn complex and complicated songs!) And while other bands usually just let go and go for the fun of it – they kept trying. On my side this was perceived a little stiff for a concert. No encore at the end was probably just the last bit to prove this. Just not good enough for the usual stamp “Tool – two thumbs up!”.

It was another show that proved Maynard (vocals), Danny (drums), Adam (guitar) and Justin (bass guitar) to be just awesome musicians. At least for Danny I can say he is also a cool guy (I met him in Fresno at a music store) …hope they don’t get sucked into the mainstream. The Porsche Arena in Stuttgart was already quite a big venue.

Anyway – they are always worth a visit. At least one thumb up.

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