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Back From France

148793216 ec82a2c8c5 t Back From FranceAfter a 14 hour train ride I got home from my vacation in Mimizan. The Surfcamp was really fun! Ok, the surf conditions have not been perfect. A low pressure area gave us remarkably high waves (for france) and a very strong swell. 148793226 46ac07819f t Back From France Most of the time we had a strong on-shore wind giving us turbulent water and not the clean waves every surfer dreams of. Sometimes a very strong current. But it was also two weeks of…

…wearing only boardshorts (and maybe a t-shirt)
…walking bare food in the sand all day long
…meeting a lot of new people
…good conversations all night long
…hanging out at the beach
…listening to music or reading in the hammock
…watching surf films and videos after an exhausting day
…baguette and cheese :-)

To sum it up: it was great!

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