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Surfing In Mimizan

148793190 2941567f67 t Surfing In MimizanJust once I tried surfin in Sydney …but I fear I got infected by the surfin virus. Marcus wanted to give me some lessons in Biarritz but unfortunately it did not work out. But since I am really eager to learn surfin I’ll be spending the next two weeks in a surfcamp in Mimizan. Getting ready for a joined trip in autumn :-)

Two weeks out at the beach …without a computer. Sounds awesome!
(sometimes it’s good to prove you are not an addict)

  • Matthias
    Doris will be visiting Sven "The Bread" in his Muckibude, so it will not be that easy to get her in our bus ;o) Hm ..better the San Sebastian girls.. - you mean the sisters ? Great idea.

    Not kidding .. such trip would be fantastic! Now checking the ebay funboard offers ;o) Keep me up..
  • Mate ...plenty of options for cool spots to try 8-) I reckon Spain, Fuerteventura and Costa Rica are good candidates. If you wanna join and bring Doris ...or the girls from San Sebastian along that's cool, too ;-)
  • Matthias
    It was indeed interesting to be coached by Doris .. ;)

    I'm looking forward to next season to (hopefully) be able to ride more waves (please, better conditions !) Any idea where to go (excl. Mimizan) ??

    Thanks million times for providing the pics of Mimizan 04 via net !! Was really a nice time sitting with you at the top of San Sebastian :)

  • angeber! :-)
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