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Surfing, dude!

148792807 3ed43bd582 t Surfing, dude!Today Jeff and I took the ferry to Manly. It’s a very nice suburb of Sydney. We went there to the beach and …surfed!! It was awesome, dudes! :) It’s not easy at it looks (I am glad I was able to ride a few waves – kind of :-) and I was totally wasted afterwards …but it was sooo great!

Manly beach may be a bit far off from Frankfurt. …but I am already thinking of going on a surf-weekend in France. I heard there is a good surf at the Atlantic coast. …and it’s a bit closer ;)

Great stuff!

  • Hey, I you want to go surfing in Biarritz (the european surfer's heaven), make a stay at my place, it's on the way to the ocean.

    Enjoy your australian business/holiday trip, mate!
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