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New Job

148792559 538d032ff5 t New JobNow it’s official. On the 5.4. I am going to join Marcus and Michael working at ManageSoft! I am excited! Thanks for the other interesting job offers …but I decided to give working the Oz-way a try :)

  • LOL ...I will do my very best :)
  • Congrats, mate! Hope you can convince these damn aussies to go back working on and with Cocoon!
  • Antonio Gallardo
    Great notice! Sincerely, I wish you the best in this new adventure ;-)

    Best Regards,

    Antonio Gallardo
  • Thanks guys! ...I am sure it's gonna be fun! :)
  • Michael Melhem
    Oh my gaaawd culture shock! Naaa, its going to great having you part of the (a)team. Welcome!!
  • Welcome mate! We're certainly looking forward to having you on board! :)


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