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The Next Job

Today is my last day at joost. It has been a great ride. It gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing people. The work has been challenging and I think we achieved a lot. After my little break at the beginning of the year I came back to fix some of the lose ends. Now that this is done it’s time to move on. So I am officially on the job market as of today. But I feel no rush. While I have a couple of freelance jobs lined up that will surely keep me busy for a quite a bit, learning and exploring more new things is also on the schedule.

So what do I want to do?

There are many things that I am interested in. Ranging from Mac/iPhone development to scalable backend architectures – and so much more. But the main point is that is that I want a job that gets me excited. Not just another job in technology X. To quote a friend who has also recently been searching

the job needs to be something that I feel passionate about, something that I want my name publicly associated with and something that I feel I can invest time and energy to make a strong impact and feel proud about. And I need to be properly compensated for it. In this order, but all pieces are important.

I couldn’t have said it better. That’s the job where you get the best value for the money out of me. On top of this there are a few things to consider.

I don’t plan to relocate outside of Germany any time soon. Happy to travel – but chances are very low one can lure me into more. I am fine working remotely. Have done this for years. Either as part of the job and/or through open source. Still I would always prefer to have my team close by. Talking about teams. Small and agile would be great. Technical team lead my current position of choice – but not a requirement.

While I already have a few interesting offers I will take my time to see what’s next. If you think you might have a suitable opening – feel free to contact me via email or talk to me directly. I’ll be around during ApacheCon for example.

  • a@b.com
    So many slogans that it's strange that TheGuru didn't mention Vlagra selling ;)
  • TheGuru
    I dare you to go into business for yourself. Be your own boss doing exactly what you want (Hmmm, good eye for photography, likes travel, shares good information, exhibits all the technical skills and more).

    You can always freelance on the side just to pay the bills until you find your feet.

    Now with the recession looming is the time to experiment with new ideas and approaches as the risks involved are the same even for those in cushy dull jobs.

    The choice (opportunity) is yours.
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