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What do *you* use when it comes to create illustrations for presentations, articles or books? I know quite some people are using M$ Powerpoint do draw their figures and export them into their articles. But this cannot be it! Any recommendations? Just wondering what’s out there – totally OS agnostic…

  • Might be true the results are good with Illustrator ...but I rather like to have some more support for the particular task. An icon library, being able to change the whole design with a snap, support for diagrams and things like that. In this terms SmartDraw is not too bad. But some of the handling sucks badly!
  • I just found SmartDraw. I am currently trying their 30 days trial. But Omnigraffle looks much better (at least from what I can see from the screenshots) Naaahh... another reason to switch to OSX. I wish I could use OpenOffice Draw but it's still a PITA to use for such figures.
  • Me too! I'd like to know since I'm about to put some presentations together in PowerPoint. Omnigraffle looks like the way to go.

    Is there a good, simple, image manipulation program out there? Something simpiler than Photoshop.
  • I use Omnigraffle. It somehow takes even the worst-drawn diagrams and turns them into eye candy. Things just look better from the Mac ;-)

    Not sure there's a good OS-agnostic solution. When I was on Windows I'd use Xara. I guess illustration packages are about as OS-tied as it gets.
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