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Live and unplugged

148792293 8be4851910 t Live and unplugged148792386 1731f6ee59 t Live and unpluggedTonight I played with two friends live and unplugged in one of our favorite bars. The club was packed. A lot of friendly faces showed up. We played some covers e.g. from Morcheeba, Incubus, REM, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, Jet, Tenicious D (…) plus a couple of own songs. We started out being pretty nervous but after we finished our set it was so much fun that we started playing songs that we never played before :)

ohne proben ganz nach oben

  • I'll let you know, mate :) ...in fact some songs really missed a bass guitar!
  • Michael
    Hey great stuff Torsten! Whens your next gig, did you need a base player? :P
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