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OSX vs WinXP vs Linux

 OSX vs WinXP vs Linux148792274 f1dc86fd92 t OSX vs WinXP vs LinuxOn my quest of finding an OS that finally gives my a cosy feeling I came across this comparison. It’s too bad you cannot easily give MacOS X a try. You need to buy a Mac first. Quite an expensive try-out. My personal requirements have changed within in the last few years. It’s no longer fun for me setting up my system to do all the simple things I’d expect from a OS. The most basic stuff should “just work” out of the box. …and be rock solid.
Many people seem to have found exactly this with MacOS X. And I almost made the move to become a switcher …but in the end I refrained and kept my current laptop. I love the Powerbooks from an esthetically point of view. MacOS X might be what I am looking for but my Centrino gives me a much better battery lifetime …especially taking CPU power into account. Not to talk about the power / price ratio. And I won’t be able to do any x86 development anymore. But maybe that’s the price you have to pay?
I am pretty sure a good Linux distribution could jump in here. Although I love debian it’s still too much work installing it on my laptop. All the little details you have to care about (suspend-to-disk, ACPI, touchpad, special buttons, etc). Hope the new 2.6 kernel will make things easier. At least on the first glance Xandros -which is based on debian- looks very interesting.

  • This is a very old blog post ... I became a switcher a long time ago and have never looked back :)
  • rudy
    all these windows users have no idea what they're missing. for god sakes, go to the apple store and ask for a tour of a mac! i would write more and i really want to stress my point that you should just go and try it, it couldnt be easier, but i gotta catch some z's.

  • Ali
    I can understand why some people opt for using windows rather than others. The reasons probably being that that's the OS they've been introduced to, via the monopoly of Windows. I have been on Apple all my life, my first being the Apple II GS, and early Apples (Macs included) might, and I say might, have been less practical than Windows PCs. Especially from a software availability point of view. That argument stands all the way into OS9. But the end of OS9 was the spark that shot Apple's OS to the top in my view. But from a scientist/programmer/numerical physist point of view, wich is mine, Linux is what I would have opted for, had I had a beige box on my desk at home. I've unfortunatly had to use Windows a few time in my life. I still don't get where everything is, application installation wise. Frankly, I don't care. OSX, an icon in the applications folder is all there is, all ressources being in the hidden folder that the app actually is.

    From the same point of view, the fact that OSX is UNIX is the ultimate advantage. With X11 and darwin the power of open source is released. Install a nice windows manager (icewm with IceAqua theme) for X11, command line usage becomes as easy as on Linux. Use Fink to install UNIX packages, all dependancies automatically covered. With UNIX, work everywhere (linux,unix,mac systems) from anywhere as if you where there, don't have to go to the office anymore.

    OSX is beautiful. Expose , Dock, Look and Feel. Windows, not really in my opinion. You can do all your non-computer geek stuff with the software that comes with the OS, all of wich also beutifully made. Use a fully functionnal MSOffice (wich sucks by the way, learn LaTeX to be cool), Power point is ok) for normal people work.

    The only real advantage Windows has for gamers, wich I am not for lack of time ( I make time for dance dance revolution of course, only exercise I get). Also, Apple products are expensive and when the hardware breaks, and it does (firewire port pisses me off on a regular basis, ipods fiercly included), it's a bitch.

    Anyway, use what you know and like, but Windows users don't know what they're missing.

    Imagine a world without Microsoft Windows.
  • Carlos
    I've been trying to figure out the whole Mac thing for a little while now.

    I thought it was the right thing to do getting my daughter an iMac, but the whole Apple pardigm just don't make sense, and I don't see the benefits Mac owners brag about.

    It crashed in OS9, it Crashes in Jaguar. Some of the things people adore in OS X has been available to windows users for years(I understand Bill stole the GUI from Apple to begin with, but I think the point is now moot).

    Surfing the net for help, I am finding more and more users just like me (Same problems, but no one willing to state what I have).

    Believe me, I hate MicroMonopoly of Bill Gates too, and I am no Windows lover, but nothing out there comes close to what I get with WinXP. Usability, Ease, Elegance, Stability, Productivity, Compatibility, whatever, no-one gives me the blend that I get with Windows.

    I am only getting started looking into Linux(my first venture, Linspire) but so far it lacks in many areas.

    OS X looks better, I'll give it that, and I am sure Linux beats XP somewhere, but as an all around OS, XP rules for now.
  • If you have a local apple store, there is a 10 day return policy.... go for it man.. I love it.
  • Of course this heavily depends on what you are doing! When only surfing the web, writing emails and the like it's about 5-6 hours. When watching DVD or doing heavy work this can drop down to 3-4 hours.
  • Just curious - "Centrino gives me a much better battery lifetime". What sort of time does your battery last for?

    I get about 3-3.5hrs out of my Powerbook ...
  • Know what? I ordered a PowerBook today...
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