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Wooha! Now you are suspended!

I fear people that are used to Powerbooks or using the Windows installation that came with their laptop probably cannot understand my excitement but… FINALLY my software suspend is working on my laptop! Suspend and hybernation was always a pain under linux. APM vs ACPI, bad ACPI implementations …bla bla bla. Last night I stumbled across this little howto in the unbuntu wiki. And it almost worked right out of the box! Maybe because I am running Hoary (which is ubuntu unstable basically) I had to tweak the scripts a little bit …but at least the suspend to RAM is working like charm. I still have to try the hybernation. Great stuff! Ubuntu rocks!

For those who also get a false power event after the resume: I’ve added a little workaround to the scripts. If someone needs this I can put it online somewhere.

  • Hi dude!

    I clearly understand your pain. ;-)

    I tried to hibernate (or suspend?) in Fedora Core 2 and the machine never cames back.

    I am now running FC3, but never tried it again. With this notice, you gave me the force to retry tomorrow. In any case, please post the scripts to see if this can help me too.

    Thanks! ;-)
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