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Ubuntu on Parallels

ubuntu-alternate-serverIf you are also one of the poor fellows trying to get Ubuntu installed in Parallels I hope this entry can save you some time. Me in particular tried to get the server version installed as I wanted to start with a minimal virtual machine.

So what I did is to download the Ubuntu server iso. Well, to save you some time and traffic – don’t! You can install successfully but after the next reboot all you get is a screen of “Unknown interrupt or fault at EIP 00000060 c0100295 00000294″. So what’s next? Google said: “Download the alternate image. That one should do it!” Great! If it only would work as advertised. There is no such thing as a server install on the stupid CD. (Dear, Ubuntu community – WTF?!) So the only way I could get Ubuntu installed was to use the expert install and skip(!) the software selection/installation part. That will leave you with the base install which is booting just fine. (I used the 2.7.10 generic kernel). After you’ve adjusted your “/etc/apt/sources.list” you should be ready to rock and you can install just what you need.

  • Actually I think this was more an Ubuntu issueI only wished I could have just used the Ubuntu server CD.
  • Anonymous Coward
    Use VMware, Parallels doesn't support Linux, as you would think they would since they say they do. There is a server cd, it's separate.
  • Have you tried VMWare's Fusion? It seems to "feel" better for me, even though it may be worse ;).
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