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Organize Your MP3s

Still in the process of organizing my music collection I came across two amazing tools. Tagging mp3s using tools with freedb support is great but it does not help identifying single songs.
Musicbrainz and moodlogic to the rescue! Both tools use some kind of fingerprint to identify the songs. While musicbrainz is free, moodlogic is comercial and you have to pay for the amount of analyzed songs. (ripoff!) But they also have a different focus: musicbrainz is a tagger (with in some parts a horrible user interface. Please remove this browser nonsense from the GUI!) Moodlogic is more an alternative too iTunes with even smarter smart playlists. While the results from moodlogic are impressive, musicbrainz still did a good job and recognized a lot of songs. (Still room for improvements though) The good thing about musicbrainz – it’s cross platform. Not open-source (except the API) but at least not Windows only like moodlogic.

Anyway both did a very good job and I hope support for such a service will find its way into [your favorite mp3 tool here]. Great stuff!

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