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Domain registrar

I am looking for a good registrar where I can keep my domain and then just point to the dns servers of whatever hoster I am actually using. At the moment my domain moved with the hoster from provider to provider – which sucks. So far domainsite seems to be a good choice. Opinions or other recommendations?

  • Daniel
    for domain: http://975register.com/

    for hosting: http://www.afmu.com

    May I have a Joost invitation please?
  • I have really liked moving to GODADDY

    I know, I know...

    Cheesey promos, but I have found it easy to use and a great value.

    I make good use of their re-directs and meta tags

    like at www.hughes-honda.com
  • Ziv

    you can try and use www.accuwebhosting.com . they are very good, give great support and have low prices.

    Thanks, Ziv.
  • I use Gandi, very feature rich - prices very correct.
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