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Eclipse XPath Plugin

148794465 36b8f166f4 t Eclipse XPath PluginQuite a while ago I had a look into plugin development for Eclipse. Just to get my hands wet with the PDE I scratched an itch I had for a while. I wrote a plugin to visually evaluate XPath expressions from within Eclipse. While you type it evaluates the expression and highlights the matched notes. It also tells you whether the expression is ok or not. 148794428 0e09e9222e t Eclipse XPath Plugin Don’t expect a rock solid plugin – but in general it works. Quite a few improvements I’d like to see though.

  • moving the context node
  • parse the document in a separate thread (more snappy)
  • displaying XPath value results

Unfortunately it seems like a tree view is not capable of holding huge amounts of nodes. Hmmm. Live updating the outline view from the editor content would also be cool …but that would be a “nice to have”. It would certainly be great to have a talk with a serious Eclipse developer. If you want to give it a try here is the update site.

You are wondering why it took me so long to announce it? Go and ask sourceforge *pff* …and I thought german bureaucracy would be slow – anyway.

  • Thats quite a nice tool. Only one pitfall: it resolves system DTDs relative to the Eclipse home directory, not relative to the location of the XML file. And if it doesn't find the DTD it doesn't work - probably only a parameter to the XML parser?
  • Thanks for the head-up. Fixed the url.

    Try right-click open with. It should

    list a XML editor providing the XPath

  • And even though the installation went fine nothing happens when opening an XML file. No changes to the existing outline view, and no option to open some sort of XPath view...

    Am I missing something?

    Is this supposed to work in Eclipse 3.1M6 in combination with Web Tools Project (WTP) 3.1M4?
  • Torsten,

    It looks like the URL of your update site (eclipse-xpath.sourceforge.net/update/site.xml) is wrong.

    When using http://eclipse-xpath.sourceforge.net/update/site.xml I was able to install without a problem.

    PS: There is no license shown during the installation.
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