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Barcamp in Berlin

Open SocialThis Saturday I’ve attended the barcamp here in Berlin. 400 people signed up to get together and talk in open environment about ideas, projects and new technologies. Session ranged from technical topics to legal hints about trademarks. Even just informal gettogethers about more general topics. I signed up for the camp a bit last minute. Would have been great to prepare something myself. But at least I’ve joined sessions about

  1. openid
  2. IPTV
  3. open social
  4. yahoo pipes
  5. bot nets
  6. mobile tagging
  7. p2p storage

Clearly the main focus of the event was social networks though. Be it the online aspect of building communities or the real world networking. Open social from google was what everyone was talking about. The session itself was packed. No big surprise I found the IPTV session very interesting. Many good questions have been brought up. The session about bot nets drew a scary picture of internet crime as it exists today already. The guy from wuala gave an interesting presentation about their new (still closed alpha) p2p storage platform. I think the interface has still a long way to go and I am not so sure about their business plan …but from the technology side of things it sounded encouraging.

I was amazed how much they got organized as a free event. A good venue, free drinks, free food …just the wifi could have been a bit better. (a proxy? yuck!) I am looking forward to next one. Some pictures are available on flickr.

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