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Barcode yourself

148792516 a9342d0321 t Barcode yourselfAs an alternative of having biometric information in our passports everyone could get a tatoo of his very own barcode ;)

  • tyler
    ok, i've wanted a barcode tat for a long time. back in october i googled 'barcode' and i clicked on this one...and sure enough this tattoo is on my left breast as we speak...haha i had no idea what the context was of the barcode picture on this site till just now. i just got the damn thing
  • master robber
    i got a tattoo on my neck and i keep settin off the buzzers in the supermarket
  • Am I here missing something? Why 092686073087?
  • Kassandra
    this whole barcode is cool...if anyone can get me a barcode with the numbers 092686073087 i'd appreciate it.
  • A friend of mine at uni had a 2 liter Coca Cola barcode tattoo on his wrist =) He used it periodically too.
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