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No NNTP with Google Groups

I think it’s a bit disappointing that you cannot post from google groups to an usual nntp newsgroups:

We don't offer a NNTP service at this time, so you can't post to Usenet
newsgroups via a Google Groups email address. 

The Google Team

At least for me newsgroups are becoming a pain to use because there almost no free nntp server left that offer a decend amount of groups. Wish I could just use Google Groups for that.

  • Bob
    I agree, I've been relying on my internet provider for nntp support, google groups just doesn't cut it if they don't let you use an external client...

    Use the nntp server of your provider, that's what I'd recommend.

    By the way, your `Please add x and y` didn't work even with the correct sum on a cached page....
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