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My GetTogether 2004

It’s already a while since we are back from Gent. But somehow I did not yet find a quite minute to sit back and write about it. Well, here we go…

But I won’t talk about beautiful Gent. I won’t talk about the cool hackathon with the excellent ribs afterwards. And I won’t talk about the tasty beer. What I’d like to talk about are the people – the community – and the spirit.
It was just great seeing so many people back again. What before was a “putting faces to names” -which already was great by itself- became much more. At least that’s the feeling I got. It almost felt like seeing old friends again. We talk to each other on or off the list, via instant messaging …sometimes we even talk on the phone. If we are near we try to meet. Not talking just about geek stuff but also about personal matter and life. Tell jokes. Spend time.

Feels really great to be a part of this!

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